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Student Evaluations.

Round 6.

Meet Ross, Monica, and Jim Ryan.  Gorgeous thick black hair, zip lock bags, elaborate Indian weddings, unsophiscated men, two first names, and promptness. 

Round 5.

Meet Juan, Margo, Swsett.  Preparing for game 7 of Stanley Cup Finals,  Annoying dogs, and too perfect of practice.  I still don’t know if we spelled ‘Swsett’ right.   

Round 4.

Meet QT, Nora, and Taylor.  Getting high, armpit hair, and fluffy flip flops.  This is a disturbed family. 

Round 3.

Meet Maxi, Sarah, and Claire.  Pro football players, hot mom’s, and dirty feet. 

Round 2.

Meet Gabby, Cooper, and Lauren.  Bumble dates, cheesy tan lines, and stiletto toes. 

Round 1. 

Meet Jordan, Andrea, and Hannah.  Lululemon gear, No poker face, and too many clothes.