Why Teach?

To learn. 

What Do You Want to Bring to Students on their Mat?

Trust in themselves and the possibilities within the practice.  The possibilities are so small we tend to miss them, because we have some bigger idea.  The irony is the more we remember to notice the small, the bigger things get.  

What Motives You?

Sencha tea in the morning.  Before it I’m a pessimist, after it I’m an optimist and feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.

Why Open a Yoga Studio?

I wanted to create a powerful experience through the sport, art, or discipline of power yoga and build a unique, tightnight community around this. I use sport and art because the sport is the team component of our practice  (and competition of self) and the art is the creative or expressive component.  In high school the artists and jocks typically didn’t hang out in the same circle.  At REWILD we are creating that synergy through diverse types of people, like athletes and artists.  We really crave bringing new people into the experience of power yoga, and dispelling the idea that yoga is just a supplementally thing.