WHO SHOULD DO IT | Anyone that has a body.

Improve strength, flexibility, balance, breath, mental clarity, body control and learn to relax. We flow to build our breath and remove indecision out of our body and minds.  We create moments of stillness to help us find the alignment in the pose. By working towards the alignment we sharpen the curiosity muscle in our brain, improving our ability to learn. Music is played sporadically in class to spark emotion shared with moments of silence to bring more emphasis on breathing and listening.  We work as a collective making the experience dynamic and fun.  Room heated using radiant heat panels 85-90 degrees.



WHO SHOULD DO IT | Beginners and all that want to get back to the basics.

DESCRIPTION | This class will break down the fundamentals of the poses, ensuring all have possessed safe alignment.  Once you have an understanding of the basics the rest of the practice opens up in a new way. Room heated between 80-90 degrees using radiant heat panels.


Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.

– Emerson