No sweat.  Actually, you will sweat a lot.  Our practice is accessible to every body type. We  keep it simple. Don't confuse this with easy.  The challenge we create for ourselves is what makes the magic happen.  When we share in these struggles we reap the joy together.  That's what makes our practice fun.  We bring new students to the practice everyday, and we dig it.  With patience and persistence you will reap the benefits of this practice both physically and mentally in anything you do.


You can get deeper into your body to gain control of your muscles and ligaments

Heat softens the tissues and muscles and makes the body more malleable. If glass is cold you can’t reshape it, but if you apply heat to glass, you can form it and bend it and mold it into shape. Same with your body. Physically, you can shape your body in a way that might not seem possible when you first step onto your yoga mat. As you create this melting away of the perceived limitations of your body, you start to see where something else might be possible that you once thought couldn’t happen. The heat melts away layers of resistance and old holding patterns, physically and energetically.

Sweat detoxifies your body

Sweat helps the body release toxins and excess debris. When you add heat in the room, the results accelerate. In a world where we move our bodies fecklessly and unconsciously hold our breaths it’s important to be in some sort of practice of rinsing, renewing, detoxing, and purifying. A heated environment can be uncomfortable at first, but once you realize that power of purification, it feels damn good.

Gets you out of your comfort zone.

It’s easy to build a comfortable life and avoid situations that feel hard.  But your life will get harder when you do that.  If I stay home and eat cheesecake all day, sure that’s easy and feels good, but later my life will be hard when I suffer from diseases and have no money.  Being uncomfortable (and learning to love it) is part of growth and freedom. It helps you move forward and transform. When we feel physical discomfort and stay in it from our center, we build an energetic and muscular memory that being uncomfortable was often made up by a preconceived notion. This is  an important part of rewiring your brain and your body and seeing things in a new way. Being able to tolerate the heat for 60 minutes teaches you how to “stay” while you’re uncomfortable, on and off the mat. When you stay uncomfortable with the commitment to burn off that which is no longer necessary, you begin to tap into a deep reservoir of inner power that can serve you at work, in your relationships, and sure in the structure of  a silly ass yoga pose.

the temperature of room?

For our “Power Flow” classes the room is kept at 90 degrees with 40-55% humidity.  The heat source is generated from radiant heat panel that are below the surface floors.  We also have heat panels inside our wood ceiling.  So you will feel heat from above and below.  For our “Slow Burn” and “Stretch and Strength the heat and humidity is less.  You will still be warm for these classes and likely break a nice sweat.


victory breath

The pressure from the heated yoga room encourages and reminds us we must breath deep and calm over and over again. The breath we practice is called victory breath or ujjayi. This is the focal point or our practice. It helps focus our mind and calm our nervous system. This type of breath creates a sound that allows the sense of our ears to function w/ accuracy which creates a guide for us to stay present. Also this discipline of breathe brings awareness to subtle habits that might not serve us, such as clenching our jaws, tensing our shoulders, and other poor habits.  We don’t take the breath for granted, it is the spirit of our practice. When we do it together it creates a wild experience.

what should you bring to class?

bring a yoga mat

If you don't have one, we sell high quality Manduka mats. Also we rent mats for $3.

bring a towel

You're gonna sweat. Bring at least a hand towel or a full length yoga towel. We sell towels upfront.

bring a water bottle

You can use your water bottle to fill up at our water station. We invested in a filtration system to ensure pure water with added minerals. Also we sell NOOMA hydration drinks. Only 30 calories with little sugar and robust flavor.

keeping it real

wood floors

Our floors are disinfected after every class.  The entire studio is cleaned, toilets, sinks, all floors every day.  Our front desk are floors are made of concrete, and studio area of wood.  Oh and all of our floors are heated.  Radiant heat panels were built in under the entire surface of our space.  

lime washed walls

Our walls were coated in lime wash minerals giving it an ancient look, but also this type of mineral is fire retardant, antiseptic, antifungal, odorless, and non-allergic paint.  

cedar wood ceilings

Our high ceilings allow for better air circulation.   The ceilings in our heated studio room is fresh wood.  Wood is natural insulator and creates feelings of well being, like being in nature.  The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rates, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing positive social interaction.  

robust air ventilation

We’ve invested in an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) This robust unit pulls stale air out of our heated yoga room and pushes fresh air from the outside into our heated yoga room.  This keeps our air inside our studio fresh. 

stay healthy

If you do not feel well, for the benefit of yourself and others stay home rest, hydrate, get fresh air. sunlight, and eat well.  We will be here when you’re feeling better.   


You can park in the View on 5th Parking Garage (the building REWILD is part of). Grab a ticket and we will validate it for you. Or you can park across the street behind Zest Juice
Test the waters with our TRIAL PACK. $19 for four classes. First-timers only.
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