No sweat.  Actually, you will sweat a lot.  Beginners are the best.  Stay a beginner. Seriously, that’s how we keep learning.  And when we become good it learning, everything gets easier. Our practice is accessible to every body type. We  keep it simple. Don’t confuse this with easy.  The challenge we create for ourselves is what makes the magic happen.  When we share in these struggles we reap the joy together.  That’s what makes our practice fun.  We bring new students to the practice everyday, and we love this.  With patience and persistence you will reap the benefits of this practice both physically and mentally in anything you do.

Can You Handle the Heat?


Heat eliminates toxins from your body, improves circulation and energizes. The heat increases blood flow to your muscles so we can access deep muscle tissue creating functional strength and flexibility, developing greater body awareness and reducing injuries.  Mentally, it teaches us to melt our mask and accept what is.  After time you may begin to love  the heat and  you'll notice the benefits.  Oh and our floors are heated! Temperatures range around 90 degrees.

Just Breathe


The breath, we call victory breath or ujjayi, is the basis or our practice. It helps us focus our mind and calm our nervous system. This discipline brings awareness to subtle habits that might not serve us, such as clenching our jaws, tensing our shoulders, and other poor habits.  We don’t take the breath for granted, it is the spirt of our practice. When we do it together it creates a wild experience.
Bring a yoga mat and a towel to wipe sweat (or yoga towel). We sell both. We partnered with Manduka for quality and sustainable yoga mats. We also rent mats. We're pumped to welcome you into our community!

Bring a water bottle. We have a water fountain to fill up!
We also sell natural hydration drinks called NOOMA and fresh juices by @thegreentender

Free parking Park in the garage of the View on 5th (apartment/retail building). You will grab your ticket as you pull into the garage. Make sure to bring your ticket with and we will validate it for you upfront. You can also park across the street from our building, behind Zest Juice.
Arrive for your class between 15 min and 5 min before class.

Our space can fit up to 40 mats. We have reduced to 14 mats for social distancing. There are markings on the floor to indicate your spot.

Wear mask to and from your mat. You DO NOT need to wear it during your practice.

After every class studio floors are disinfected. Are space is minimalist and built with raw materials - such as fresh wood, high ceilings, real plants, and lime-washed walls for the purpose of generating clean fresh air. Our space is super clean!

ERV (Energy Recover Ventilation)
This robust unit pulls stale air out of our heated yoga room and pushes fresh air from the outside into our heated yoga room.
You know you want this. Start by getting your feet wet with our TRIAL PACK, which is $19 for four classes. First-timers only.