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We practice "ujjayi" or victory breath.  Physically this builds internal heat that purifies digestive organs, improving gut health.  When we're under pressure we forget to breathe. This builds stress. Remember to breathe and you become better under pressure. This breath when practiced consistently will bring you into your zone, like Hendrix on the guitar or Brady in the final two minutes. When your mind is focused and calm you are at your best, with great mental clarity.


Practice full range of motion through all major joint system, building strength and flexibility to improve your overall mobility.  Exercise your core, where all our strength and flexibility derive from.  As you continue practicing your ideal, natural body will form and nagging injuries will diminish.  That kid inside will start playing again.


With regular practice we start to notice the influence the little parts have on the rest of the body, such as hands, feet, and hips and deep core.  Your blood circulation will improve making your bodies, lighter but strong.  Mentally we learn the power of letting go of tension and limiting thought patterns, which releases depression in the brain, freeing up space for elevating energy, clarity of mind, and focus. You'll learn how to improve your mental health.


We use poses and the practice to teach us how to be easy in the effort. Calm and focused. Lighthearted yet intense. When you practice feeling your inner resistance your ability to relax quickly and more often becomes a skill you sharpen. Anyone can learn this and re-learn this, but you must be willing to ride your edge, to discover where to relax.

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