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Heated power yoga on a mission.


We practice "ujjayi" or victory breath.  Physically this creates internal heat that purifies your digestive organs, improving gut health.  Mentally we use this breath to anchor our minds in the moment.  When our mind is present we notice what we once did not.  This act of noticing improves awareness, such as poor breathing habits that create wasted stress.  From this state of awareness confidence and calm emerges within us. 


Practice full range of motion through all major joint system, building strength and flexibility with accuracy.  Exercise your core, where all our strength and flexibility derive from.  As you continue practicing your ideal, natural body will form and nagging injuries will diminish.  That kid inside will come back and start playing again.


Through rigorous practice of our breath and movements, we link our attention to specific body parts. With regular practice we start to notice the influence the little parts have on the rest of the body.  Our blood circulation improves making our bodies, lighter and less tense.  Mentally we learn the power of presence which releases clutter in the brain, freeing up space for fresh energy.