Our heated power yoga is simple, but not easy.  We build heat, so we can remember to be cool. The practice is as athletic as it is spiritual.  Through strength, flexibility and meaningful breaths we work to our edge as we burn away useless energy. In doing so we re-create our most natural body and mind.

Are You In?

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Breathe Better.

Childs pose

The breath will transform your practice. It will teach you about your stress. Our power lives in it. We won’t let you forget it.

Move Better.

Yoga class inhaling to an extended mountain pose

We create moments of stillness, so you can work into the proper alignment. We give cues that are direct and concise. We eliminate fluffy or confusing language so our cues can land in your body.

Feel Better.

Mia being sassy

We connect the poses. This helps create momentum giving us a sense of moving forward and letting go of any the past tension in our body or overthinking in our mind.  If you have ADD, our yoga is your pill.

How do you breathe?


In our practice we apply what’s called ujjayi breath, or “victory breath”.  Its a closed mouth breath, with a constriction in the back of the breath, like you’re whispering as you’re breathing.  This traps heat on the inside, creating an unusual and sneaky sweat!  This is so healthy for our digestive organs.  Also it creates better control of breath.  We mirror this breath to our movement.  This creates creates our cardio and our calm.  An anxious breath is short and shallow.  A deep breath is calm and energized.  You’ll be amazed by it with regular practice


A healthy body is a proper aligned body.  In our power yoga practice you will learn how to use your body constructively by accessing full range of motion through all major joint system, creating great strength and flexibility.  We make a regular practice of exercising the core (which is much more than those abs of yours!), where all our strength and flexibility derive from.  As you continue practicing your ideal, natural body will start to take shape and those nagging injuries will lose their power.  That kid like body will come back and you can start playing again.

Improved Movement
Improve Energy


We practice matching our breath to movement.  When we get better at controlling our breath and our body, our mental observations of our movements become more precise.  In this process we train our brains to be more engaged in noticing the little things in our body.  This attentiveness builds the skill of being more present in mind. The trendy word for this is mindfulness.  The power of this practice releases the clutter in the brain, freeing up space for fresh energy.  

Ready to Return to Your Natural State?